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Friday, May 24, 2002
It's been a while since we've heard anything from Mata Nui:

Frankly, it's business as usual.

Episodes Zero, One and Two.

Today was a good day because I could (in my imagination) run up to the door yelling, "My tome is here! My tome is here!" My copy of "A New Kind of Science" arrived today. This review on Slashdot brought it to my attention. My usual reaction to self-important science-that-is-not-science would be to dismiss it, but something about Wolfram's bio and his wunderkind cred won me over. It'll be interesting as an artifact, if nothing else. I ordered it from Amazon because it was convenient, sue me.

I am so easily amused. Click here for an especially silly thread on the FSM bulletin board.

Grr. Another broken belt caused by motor running non-stop. I blame my bad programming.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002
I'm so glad that Vince and Manjit have come back to the fold after long absences. The blogger interface is no picnic (although I'm enthusiastic about the service) and I thank them for their perserverance. If I were paying for Blogger Pro, many of the usability questions would evaporate.

Here's a link to another blog of mine. The original purpose was to record film score notes. It's turned out to be more a log of my CD purchases.

John Dvorak, arch crank, has a few choice words to direct at the DMCA. (Darn* those plutocrats!) Tim O'reilly linked to this story on Businessweek. Jack Valenti is what nice people call a complete tool.
* I now have confirmation that the webcam has a PG audience, so I'll be watching my language.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Hey! I never clicked "post" or "post & publish" for my 70s comment below... the Blog assimilated my comment anyway. I forgot I can't post pictures directly. Can I submit the picture I was talking about, Kyle? I hope so. And please work on the webcam to prevent these "belt" problems. Re: "Goozle" - it is certainly some kind of Deep One that does not belong in our time or space. If you buy one, put in in stasis! Do you know the bad dreams you will have otherwise? I'm a few quivering footsteps closer to madness even now... !

Hmmm, I'd forgotten all about the blogger website until today. I was going to post something really witty on Kyle's website, but nothing is coming to me. I do like the dish that Ginny brought back from Italy. It's so much more interesting than the usual Lego pictures!

The camera controls are down due to complete belt failure. The camera's pants have fallen down. Send complaints to someone who cares.

Monday, May 20, 2002
A shocking example of how the 70s live, without ever having gone "retro!" Not in this room anyway.

editor: simulated picture

Sunday, May 19, 2002
This Lego abomination has been discontinued:

and now I want one because it is so completely wrong. It is called "Goozle." It is purported to have been designed as a child's toy, but that is clearly an obfuscation. If you see one for sale, please buy it and I'll reimburse you. If it is currently holding your chilld's psyche hostage, I'll remove it from your home safely and discreetly for a fee that you are sure to find reasonable. It is your child's welfare, after all.

Put up some new Toa Maiden pics here. I'm not sure why she decided to knock over the stone arch. Maybe it was a hazard.

Ginny got back from Italy last week. Among the loot she brought back was this really neat Majolica dish:

I'm pretty sure it's a dog, maybe even a greyhound, but it kinda could be a really angry deer.

Found a gag gift for Whitney's birthday. Which is today. A Star Wars™ The Phantom Menace™ Qui-Gon Jinn™ Buddies® stuffed toy.

I guess it's a reasonable likeness (of someone with an intestinal problem) although in a dark alley it could be mistaken for Osama:

But the hair is silly:

Star Wars™ Buddies® butt:

No. 2 in a series of appalling ads on Yahoo:

What are they thinking? It's not OK to terrify your customers. The image may be truthful, even accurate, but it's not in good taste in a commercial context. At least she's not wearing a red white and blue bikini. I'll let alone the issue of the very questionable orthography.

Friday night, while taking a co-worker home from pool and beer, came across a terrible sight: burning docks and boats on Lake Union. Our vantage point was at the intersection of Franklin Ave E and a little dead-end stub of E Shelby St. I took some pictures which you can see here.